Potting Sheds

These sheds will really "grow" on you. There are two types of these sheds the Standard and the Potter's Pride. If you have any questions or would like a quote, please press the button below and leave us a message.

Lots of natural light

Includes Pergola Porch

Grow your plants all year round

Potting Shed - Standard

Included in Base Price: Skylight in the roof, Plexiglass in Gable, Pergola Porch, and 8' Wide potting area (unless otherwise noted).

Does not include: Windows or Doors

10x16 $3,792
10x18 $3,996
10x20 $4,174
10x22 $4,351
10x24 $4,618
10x26 $4,889
10x28 $5,157
10x30 $5,440
12x20 $4,543
12x22 $4,798
12x24 $5,166
12x26 $5,508
12x28 $5,800
12x30 $6,115
12x32 $6,431

Potter's Pride

Included in Base Price: 30" Single 15-Lite Panel Door, 3' Pergola Porch, Plexiglass in Roof & Gable ends.

Does not include: Windows

10x8 $2,429
10x10 $3,004
10x12 $3,579
10x14 $4,154
10x16 $4,776
10x18 $5,356
10x20 $5,953
10x22 $6,535
12x12 $4,269
12x14 $5,008
12x16 $5,720
12x18 $6,416
12x20 $7,116
12x22 $7,814
12x24 $8,534
12x26 $9,232


Painted Interior Option

Have the interior potting area painted for $286.

Window Options

Door Options

Roof Options - Potter's Pride has no roof options available

Siding Options

Floor Options - No credit for no floor

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